6 benefits of leather shoe

A good leather shoe helps to gain comfort, quality and many other benefits for the feet.

When it comes to choosing a leather shoe, there are many factors that are taken into account before making a decision: its design, comfort, lightness, but, the most important of all, are the materials it is made of.

There is a wide range of shoes made of leather, such as ankle boots, moccasins, boots, dress shoes, trainers and even sandals.

Here are the 6 main benefits of leather shoes.

What are the benefits of leather shoes?


Leather shoes allow your feet to breathe and water vapour does not accumulate inside the shoe.

This prevents fungus and bacteria caused by excessive sweating and poor ventilation, which are the main causes of foot and shoe odour.


Leather shoes provide greater comfort and convenience from the first moment of use than other materials.

Leather allows the toes to move freely, as well as being lighter and more flexible.

Ease of cleaning

Compared to other materials such as textile, leather shoes are much easier to clean. Depending on the type of leather, it is necessary to clean them:

  • Water
  • A cotton cloth
  • A leather eraser
  • A leather protector or nourishing cream

Longer durability

Leather shoes do not wear out, peel, deform or wrinkle in areas where there is no friction like other types of materials. Other materials deteriorate more easily and usually last less than a year.

This is why, despite being a little more expensive, this type of footwear is an investment considering its durability.

They never go out of fashion

A leather shoe never goes out of fashion, it is a wardrobe essential and a must-have for your most formal and elegant looks. Any shoe design can be made of leather materials.

Other materials do not convey the same elegance and sophistication as leather. A leather shoe enhances any outfit, whether it is a casual or formal look.

Environmentally friendly

As leather is a natural material, there is no need to use chemicals that may be harmful to the environment in the manufacture of footwear.

Another great advantage of leather is that it is an organic material, biodegradable and capable of decomposing, so it does not harm the environment.

Making a shoe from leather is an excellent choice when you are looking for stylish, durable and comfortable footwear.

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