Advantages of handmade footwear

We show you the benefits of choosing handmade footwear and the advantages of its manufacturing process at the time of purchase.


In each Gabarain shoe there is a part of each one of us, because it is made with our own hands and with all our dedication. We believe that handmade footwear has many advantages and we will show you which ones. From the Gabarain team we have always considered that handmade footwear has many advantages and benefits to offer us, and choosing the right type of footwear when buying is very important. Here we present to you the most important advantages to choose it, like the fact that this type of footwear will always have a part of the master craftsman.


Top quality raw materials

In each shoe made by a craftsman there is a priori step, carefully choose the materials from which the footwear is going to be made. Choosing top quality raw materials is the most important thing for a craftsman when it comes to working and all the results they offer, with the greatest quality and durability. At Gabarain  we use the best raw materials of the market for each type of footwear to offer the best to our customers.


Greater durability and resistance

This characteristic is closely linked to the process of choosing top quality raw materials, because, as we have seen, they offer greater resistance when they are used and especially with the passage of time and external agents such as the weather. A shoe made with a good material and with a correct manufacturing process can be used for a long time although you use it a lot.


Most optimal footwear

Being made by the hands of a master craftsman, each shoe will obtain a more optimal result. The shoemaker who makes handmade footwear is not only a specialist who builds the piece by hand, he also dedicates all the time that the product needs in each process to provide the best functionality to each pair of shoes.


Originality and exclusivity

This is one of the most special characteristics, because each model of handmade shoe made by a craftsman is going to be unique. This aspect will give the footwear more exclusivity and originality, that many shoes do not have, for example industrial footwear, which we always see that people wear when they go out.



The cottage footwear industry is an industry that has many years of history in our lives, it is a traditional industry that should never be lost and that should be strengthened, because it is a profession and a very special art. Footwear craftsmans are artists who offer style and quality at every step with their work.


Cost effectiveness

Gabarain shoes are manufactured with great care, so they provide a series of advantages as we have been able to see. Being manufactured with top quality raw materials, allows obtaining greater profitability, because it will last much longer than industrial footwear despite the fact that its price may be higher economically.


You can find all these advantages and many more in each type of footwear manufactured by the great Gabarain family. Take a look at our product catalog and our website and choose the one that best suits you.


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