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Casual in leather, sneakers, and sustainable.


Gabarain’s extensive experience in craftsmanship is reflected in our product lines: casual leather, sneakers, and sustainable. Through these lines we are committed to bringing the authenticity of our shoes, created in the cradle of footwear, craftsmanship and ambition that characterize our brand.


In the casual leather line, we focus on offering an experience of excellence for refined and stylish footwear. Only by using the best materials and the experience of more than 30 years, we manage to produce footwear that can give rise to a product line based on materials such as leather, which stands out for its feel and appearance. This line allows you to dress with an elegant and careful bearing in which the craftsmanship in the manufacture of footwear is reflected.


For the most urban, in Gabarain we have a line of sneakers. Footwear designed with comfort in mind, for those moments of movement around the city, whether to go to work, for a walk or to enjoy the breeze in the open air. Our line of sneakers is characterised by being a casual footwear, with a casual style that fits with almost all the clothes that you use in your day to day for your daily activities.


Finally, our commitment to the future is evident in our line of sustainable footwear. At Gabarain we are aware of the importance of reducing the carbon footprint of any activity and the impact of climate change on our way of life. Therefore, our sustainable footwear is characterised by a reduced carbon footprint. Both the manufacturing process and the recyclable materials ensure that we take care of the environment without sacrificing the comfort and quality of handcrafted footwear. The ideal line of footwear for those concerned about tomorrow and who want to help maintain our planet without sacrificing something as necessary as quality footwear that will accompany them throughout their lives.

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