Discover the values of Gabarain that define our Savoir-Faire

Authenticity, Craftsmanship and Ambition


Our values reflect the essence, identity and spirit of the company, which is characterised by its Authenticity, Craftsmanship and Ambition. The importance of these values for our company is reflected in small details such as in each of the “A’s” that make up our own logo: GABARAIN. In addition to this, our values can be seen in the quality of our handcrafted footwear lines, as well as in our Savoir-Faire.


Behind every project there is a story of authenticity, craftsmanship and ambition that is defined by the wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated over decades of practice and dedication.  Therefore, we define ourselves as much more than a footwear manufacturer because we work intelligently and passionately, which is reflected in the exclusivity of our footwear.


Gabarain is authenticity

Our footwear is authentic because it is designed with exclusive and high quality materials, which makes it a unique and unrepeatable product in the market. In addition, they are made by authentic craftsmen Made in Spain, which makes them an autochthonous product of our country.


Gabarain is craftsmanship

Unique and quality footwear due to the use of traditional craft techniques that take care of every detail of our footwear in order to achieve “the perfect footwear”. In the same way, our professionals have more than 30 years of experience in the footwear sector, giving each shoe its handcrafted Savoir-Faire.


Gabarain is ambition

Our fervent passion for innovation in footwear makes us work with enthusiasm to achieve our most ambitious goals and guarantee customer satisfaction. That is why we work together with the best suppliers to bring innovation to artisan know-how.


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