Fashion shoe trends for 2024

Fashion shoe trends for 2024 are an explosion of color, trend, and novelty. This year, we’re replacing many shoe trends seen in 2023, always striving to enhance them.

At Gabarain, we are artisanal shoe manufacturers. As manufacturers, we stay in constant learning and training in the industry. We want shoe designers to be aware of the new fashion shoe trends for 2024. You just have to design, and we take care of getting the best materials to create unique pieces!

These trends will catch your consumers’ attention while aligning with the spring-summer 2024 season.

Silver shoes: the fashion shoe trends for 2024

Zapatos plateados

Silver shoes replace transparent shoes in this new year, adding a touch of modernity and elegance to any style. These are going to be THE fashion shoe trend for 2024. At Gabarain, we carefully select materials to ensure each silver pair is not only dazzling but also comfortable and durable.

High and flat boots: unmatched versatility and style

What do we mean by high and flat boots? The shaft we’ll see in future boot collections will be high or mid-high, while this year, a flat or semi-flat sole will be chosen. Creating a difference between boot trends in

 2023 and in 2024. Biker boots will replace equestrian or cowboy boots, becoming a staple for any fashion lover.

Sneakers: a classic that never goes out of style

This shoe trend never goes out of style. Fashion shoe trends for 2024 in this domain will take a bit more risk than the models we’ve seen so far. Next year, there will be sneaker boots, around 3 centimeters high. And if you think these shoes can only be paired with sportswear, think again. They will be seen with blazers, satin dresses, pleated pants, skirts—any elegant garment!

Innovative touch Pumps: elegance with a modern twist to fashion shoe trends for 2024

Pumps or pump shoes will receive a small twist to enter the fashionable shoes for 2024. They’ll maintain their timeless elegance, combined with modern touches: square toes, neutral tones, triangular culminations, etc. They won’t be limited to more formal events; people will even pair them with leggings. At Gabarain, we create pumps not only visually stunning but also providing the necessary comfort for all-day wear.

Sandals for all tastes: high heel and flat

Similar to boots, sandals will be available in both high heels and flats. This year, strappy high-heel sandals will be replaced by ankle-strap high-heel sandals, a definite trend that can be paired with midi dresses, straight skirts, or jeans. On the flip side, the trend of flat dad sandals will take a backseat, making way for flip-flop sandals. Careful detailing transforms these designs from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ballerinas: simplicity in a fashion shoe trends for 2024Zapatos de moda para 2024

Ballerinas are a classic that always finds its place. At Gabarain, we create ballerinas that stand out for their elegant simplicity and quality in every stitch. The success accompanying these fashionable shoes for 2024 is dictated by a romantic and somewhat retro look.

At Gabarain Shoes, we commit to remaining pioneers in creating fashion shoe trends for 2024. We hope these styles not only follow trends but also inspire you when creating your designs. Discover with us the difference of dedication to craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Learn more about what we do here!

Because fashion is an art, and every pair of shoes is a masterpiece.

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