Handmade shoes, the best for our feet

Opting for the sale of handmade shoes instead of those mass-produced will improve the customer experience.


Buying footwear through global brands that manufacture a wide variety of models has become the most common way to buy shoes. Although this type of footwear is the easiest to acquire, this subtracts from the product values ​​that only a handmade shoe from Gabarain can count on.

Handmade footwear has a multitude of benefits and advantages that the final customer values ​​when encountering this type of product.


Exclusive design

Serial production allows the same model to be purchased by a wide variety of people. On many occasions, especially those related to special events and ceremonies, the customer is looking for a more exclusive product with a unique style. It is then that he decides to opt for a handmade product with which he feels different and unique from the crowd.

Any own and exclusive design will allow the brand greater differentiation and recognition by the public of Gabarain products.



Another of the virtues of handmade footwear is the comfort and health they bring to each step. Buying low-quality footwear can seriously affect our body.

For this reason, it is important that the products sold by our brand avoid discomfort, regulate the humidity to which the customer’s foot is exposed and be a durable product.



If the handmade footwear created in Gabarain is characterized by something, it is by having raw materials and suppliers of the highest quality that allow the shoe to be much more resistant than any mass-produced shoe.

In addition, its handmade manufacturing process increases the security of knowing that the created footwear has been made using the most innovative and appropriate techniques for each footwear model.

The Gabarain professionals carry out their work by hand carefully, with dedication and providing a distinctive touch and great resistance to each shoe. All this thanks to the more than 30 years of experience that its professionals have.


Undoubtedly, opting for the sale of handmade footwear such as the one manufactured in Gabarain will bring great benefits and differentiation. In addition, it will be reflected in the brand image and public opinion of the brand in a really positive way.


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