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Gabarain was created to respond to the new needs of the market.

Gabarain was created to respond to the new needs of the market, that is to say, needs that both designers and the most demanding fashion brands require.

It is a brand that integrates minorities and is very committed to the environment. It does not forget the know-how and experience that has characterised Majestic Footwear for more than 30 years.

In order to respond to these new needs, Gabarain is reducing its environmental impact and to make its ecological objectives a reality, it is immersed in a process of research and development of ecological alternatives. Together with some of its best suppliers, it has taken comprehensive steps to ensure its long-term commitment to becoming an environmentally conscious company.

The company is committed to setting and meeting concrete targets. They are more than determined to reduce their impact on the environment and of course, to achieve their stated goal of producing shoes that leave the best possible carbon footprint.

Gabarain is an inclusive company committed to minorities, as they see it reflected in the story behind their name. Gabarain is a Spanish surname that accompanies great fighters, such as Lourdes Gabarain, the first woman to run a marathon.

This company perfectly integrates in its facilities in Elche, Spain the best artisan and traditional techniques with the highest technology and innovation, providing the artisan know-how that characterises the best master shoemakers in the region.

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