Shoes made in Spain

For some time now, the manufacturing of products in Spain has garnered increased interest from the industry and consumers alike. That’s why we want to emphasize the value of shoes made in Spain by sharing how we do it.

National products are once again considered a priority to achieve a set of sustainable and economic goals. We have no doubt that Gabarain Shoes‘ formula to create shoes made in Spain is ideal.

Project analysis

Our team of specialists evaluates the design to determine the materials and manufacturing process to follow. Active involvement and collaboration in the design process of each product are highly valued to meet the goals of each client.

Search for raw materials for shoes made in Spain

Based on client indications and our experience, we select materials that guarantee an excellent final finish, always in line with the expectations of the interested party.

Technical advice

During the manufacturing process, the client will receive technical advice on all processes that can improve the final finish of the footwear.


The development of samples is essential to verify the technical feasibility of the different materials used, as well as the final design.

Production of shoes made in Spain

Once the samples and prototypes have received client approval and successfully passed the rigorous tests they are subjected to, our artisans and experts proceed with production.

Quality control

A specialized team with extensive experience ensures a unique human value chain in the industry. Rigorous quality control is carried out individually with each pair.

Footwear crafted with the highest quality materials by the best professionals from the birthplace of footwear. At Gabarain Shoes, we are authentic artisans who champion shoes made in Spain.


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