The story of passion and perseverance

We start a new year full of objectives and goals to achieve.


We start a new year full of new challenges to meet. For this reason, in Gabarain we wish to establish new year’s goals that challenge us to grow further and further each day, defining who we are as a company. We are a persevering and nonconformist brand, where our master shoemakers begin each day with a new goal, aiming always higher than yesterday’s, until we reach the top of the high bank. Each new challenge is met with innovative solutions that can only be reached with the effort, care and passion that define us.


Our brand has always been characterized for its passion and artisan knowledge, which is reflected in the quality of our products. Each individual product integrates long-standing traditional crafting techniques with the latest innovations and high technology. However, as we have stated before, we are nonconformists and we love our work. Therefore, we strive for achieving sustainable materials, better finish for our products and only the best quality raw materials.


Each of the a’s in Gabarain represents the values of our products: Authenticity, Craftsmanship and Ambition. 


First, the Authenticity of our products can only be achieved by the most experienced professionals using the best quality materials in the cradle of footwear. Our company is based in Elche (Spain), a location renowned for its shoemaker craftsmanship tradition, which started towards the end of the XIX century. It is here where our shoes are crafted, giving them an authenticity seal only provided by the most distinctive origin.

Second, the Craftsmanship that characterizes our professionals who continue a long-standing shoemaker tradition. By inheriting the knowledge passed by generations and with more than 30 years of experience, our professionals craft each handcrafted shoe with such care and skill that only perfection is the result of their work.

Third, the Ambition of our company, refusing to conform with the state-of-the-art and working together with the best suppliers to innovate and strive always further in order to create the shoes that only we can provide.

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